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EUR 10 billion of annual aid from France to poor countries, while France is poor.

Posted on 2:57 PM by ELY Mustapha

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" The Public Aid For Development (PAD) designates the public expenditure for the benefit of developing countries whose main purpose is to promote the economic development and the improvement of living conditions in the countries concerned. "

main tendue

" With nearly EUR 10 billion per year (9,348 million euros in 2011), France is the fourth-largest contributor of global official development assistance (ODA). It is the second largest contributor in percentage of gross national income (GNI), with 0.46 %. "

And yet, "according to the INSEE, France has about 8.6 million poor people, approximately 14 per cent of the population and 20 per cent of children.

During 2000-2009, the poverty rate of all the households has recorded a slight increase: +0.3 %, a trend which continues by the suite, from 7,382,000 poor in 2004 to 8,173,000 in 20094, and to 8,600,000 in 2010.

In 2008, 25 % of the employees earn less than 750 euros per month, and in 2010 there are 3,291,000 poor children in France. (1) "

And yet France allocated 9.348 billion euros to finance other countries. Africa is the first recipient of the French Public Aid For Development (55 %), and in particular the sub-saharan Africa (41 % ).

And yet the sub-saharan Africa does not develop despite this Public Aid in billions of euros! But where are these billions?

If we are to believe the French diplomacy, through its international cooperation, responsible for this aid, France will continue "an ambitious development policy, with objectives redefined. Three priorities will guide its action:

- The economic development of the countries who are in need, with counterpart in the respect of democratic requirements, the strengthening of the rule of law and the promotion of women's rights;

- In the second place, the security, because there can be no security in the duration without development, no development without security ;

- Finally, the preservation of the planet, including climate. " (2)

In the light of these priorities and since the time that France is devoted through the official development assistance we understand the magnitude of the disappointment.

Relatively to the first priority of the aid : If the conditionality that accompanies had to be truly applied, namely "the observance of democratic requirements, the strengthening of the rule of law and the promotion of women's rights", never this aid would have been granted! This aid financed countries with rulers putschists and who trample the human rights if they are not drug traffickers.

As to the "economic development" that the PAD is supposed support, it is a pious hope.

The African countries "benefiting" of this assistance are vegetating yet in the economic under-development and are dominated by regimes whre corruption and the misappropriation of public goods are a government sport.

That it is in the form of support direct or indirect to the public institutions, the aid is, itself, diverted. The national leaders of development projects financed by the PAD, are appointed to tap into the material and financial means for their own account.

The embezzlement of public funds is entered in the public morals. The political and administrative leaders are indeed "appreciated" to the fortune that they have diverted and, thanks to this fortune, they obtain the positions of influence, buy the voters, manipulate the elections and have the "political means" of their election and this thanks to development aid diverted and to funding complacent of international institutions supposedly assisting in the restoration of the "macroeconomic equilibrium".

Could it be considered that, in this area, the official development assistance is, itself, a blockage of development because it leads to the opposite effect to the expectations. It penalizes the "observance of democratic requirements and the strengthening of the rule of law" and continues to support the enslavement of peoples.

Moreover, it is often with this aid that the rulers maintain their peoples" in leaves ". With this help, they "feed", provide the basic needs of their peoples and then neutralize them. Without this PAD, they would have to account for on the management of national resources they are wasting and not serving the people. Because this last one cry very quickly famine and could threaten its corrupted governments.

As to the second priority of development assistance such as advocated by the French diplomacy, namely "security" ( "because there can be no security in the duration without development, and no development without security" ), there is no need to demonstrate its ineffectiveness with regard to what is happening precisely in the Sahelian countries for which this aid is provided since for about ten years.

Insecurity, terrorism, crime, drugs, hostages etc. . The area has never been so dangerous than nowadays. It might be that an important part of this Development Aid either aisle, indirectly, "help" the development of organized crime because those who precisely, in high-rise ,benefit of it are often not recommendable.

Finally with regard to the third priority of the French development aid, including "the preservation of the planet", there is no need to see that the desert is advancing in most Sahelian countries, that "the green belt "erected around the cities with millions of euros has become of the dunes, that rural populations whole rush towns (the aid has penalized their agricultural production and has even replaced it), that the cities of these countries, including the capitals are shanty towns ignored and that the irrational exploitation of natural resources poisoned the countries and their environment

So where will this help?

If one considers the structure of the French official development assistance in 2011, it is presented in the following way:

Composition using bilateral net:

- 37% of the funding of projects

- 16% for technical assistance

- 15% for the debt relief

- 7% in budget Aid

- 25% Other

Sectoral distribution of bilateral (PAD) :

- 16%: Education

- 2% health

- 16% : sustainable development

- 5% : Agriculture

- 12%: Support for growth

- 49%: other Sectors

It is enough to consider these percentages to understand the ineffectiveness of the French PAD. For this let us take an example of one of the countries which benefits of this Aid: Mauritania.

Regime under the dictatorship, 46% of its population lives below the poverty line, 26 per cent of underprivileged people without housing, 90% without foresight or social security, 75% of the unemployed are youth. 85 % of women without employment, 78 per cent of families living in the informal, 75% on international food aid, 90% of wealth in the hands of 5% of the population, 60% of illiterates , 78 for thousand of infant mortality, 0.6 human development index, administration corrupted to 99 %, policies embittered to 100%, officials at 100% indebted, merchants bankers-shysters, senators-traders, representative without an assembly, hospitals real institutes for terminal cases, pharmacies-shops, economy overindebted, deprived areas, police corrupted, army confiscated, students crammed, teachers slighted and miserable, families of divorced, children on the street, beggars in the avenues, imams pro-coup, justice slaved, company hostage, narcotic everywhere, flouted dignity, people trampled on, desert which advance. Stinking neighborhoods, shanty towns to open skies, media purchased, cigarettes daily bread, consciences purchased, petroleum revenues diverted, forged contracts, terrorists disguised, private public markets , public treasury looted…illegal parliament, elections flouted.3.5 Million inhabitants of poor in Mauritania in an under-developed country and yet the French APD launched the Roosters crow!

But it must be said that, curiously, Mauritania, with its 3.5 million poor is less to complain about because it receives a Public Aid to development of France which account, itself, a little less than 9 million poor people!

Curious isn't it? EUR 10 billion annually from french assistance to the countries under-developed then that France throws its workers to the street by closing of the industrial complex integers, that she suffers from huge deficits in its social systems then that with its 10 billion euros it could resolve its difficulties including social (including unemployment).

It is true as, it was said, that the rooster is the only animal that sings with the tabs in the mud. Charity begins with oneself.

That said, the author of this article knows that the Public Aid is intended not only to "assist" the poor countries but that it concretizes the strategy politico-economic of France and its "outreach" economic, industrial and cultural to the international scale.

But that is worth a Public Aid to development if it inoculates child against polio and gives him a chance to survive but who dies in the guerrillas with weapons supplied by France or its Western allies through its strategic alliances?

But that is worth a public development aid, if there is help and not development and if poverty is growing in France and in the countries it assists?

That is worth the development aid if, by return of investment, it's the western companies which benefit from the contracts for the purchase of goods and services that are launched in the framework of the "development projects" thanks to the public aid to development?

That is worth the public aid to development, if it is for the benefit to corrupted regimes in African countries which divert it, directly or indirectly, with all impunity. The donor is he not unaware of that situation?

That is worth a public development aid, supposed strengthening the radiance of France abroad then that of French and other "sans-papiers"(undocumented) sleep under bridges?

The wisdom, (not the one on the policy, which in France has more, taken in its ambitions electoralist) imposes to reinvest at least a part of the official development assistance in France to help those that are being laid off to tower of arm and which were closed the places of work ,(factories and companies of various sectors).

know that some economists picky, will endeavor to find in these remarks a rationality non-cartesian and invoke that the injection of the financial means of the aid to the development in the French economy would be a source of aggravation of inflation, either widespread increase of price and therefore an imbalance of macro-economic aggregates. They would prefer say yes to the IMF and nyet to the poor.

Other will think that my reasoning of national of the third-world is sadomasochistic and that it is to cut the grass under the feet of countries that need the help.

Certainly, the developing countries have a need for official development assistance but NOT that which continued to strengthen the misery and the despots. Certainly, the vaccine of a child, the hope of tomorrow is a priceless gift but would he survive to despotism and the conflicts triggered of regimes supported by that assistance and which send them to death, for bad causes

In the question of the public aid had development beyond the large economic theories and "jousting" annihilates-intellectuals, of the radiation of the nations and their ulterior interests, there is only one thing that counts: it is the suffering of peoples.

Whether you're suffering in sensitive urban areas in France (or the unemployment and its derivative, the banditry, murdering) or in the streets of Goma in RD Congo(where the misery and its derivative: the guerrillas,, murdering), the human suffering is identical.

Then with its EUR 10 billion of annual, French official development assistance , to the international, is a stab in the water, at least for those whom it is intended. Its redeployment is an emergency not in its level but in its procedures for granting that it does not reinforce to despotic regimes and countries poorly governed in the name of "radiation" of France.

Otherwise, the Public Aid of France must go to the poor of France. Is it, not more wise to employ an unemployed person at home that make live a despot among the others. It is a matter of survival of each other.

Pr ELY Mustapha


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