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Ghost Republic

Posted on 1:21 AM by ELY Mustapha

Ghost President,  ghost Justice… and undead

This “billet” identifies "the pearls of the republic." It aims : verbal bloopers of our wonderful leaders and rank them in order of "preference",  their contribution to sustaining our ignorance.
“Pearls of the republic” this week has awarded three senior political figures of our dear country, who has defects believe the living, have sided with the ghosts.

Bronze Pearl

It has been awarded to Ahmed Daddah. After his famous "no witch hunt" under the transition (CMJD), then find his famous "democracy corrected" after the second coup (HCE), now  he believes to the  President ghost: "The Mauritania lives without President, "he said. (See Source here). We knew long ago the only president who is not a ghost is the President of RFD. Quod erat demonstrandum.

The silver Pearl

It has been awarded to Ould Abdel Aziz himself. President promises to Ms. Ould Khattry release of her husband (source here). A president who promised to release a detainee alleged to have been delinquent,  this can only mean one thing: He is his own prisoner. And Justice?  It's a ghost. After all a "phantom President" (dixit Ahmed Daddah) can only have Ghost justice (dixit Ould Abdel Aziz).

 The gold pearl

It has been awarded, without any doubt, to the minister of Islamic affairs, Ahmed Ould Neiny.
"A source from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, told  Sahara media that the Minister Ahmed Ould Neiny, informed officials and employees of the department that President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz" asked him to open a bridge between the living and the dead "(source here).
But why Ould Abdel Aziz  asked his  very spiritual minister to open a bridge to the dead? To unload the dead among the living? To make undead e give a hand to Ould Abdel Aziz, who no longer believe in living?
That's a good spiritual infrastructure. After the paved road, the bridge.

Paved road of poors.  Bridge of deads.  A road leading to the bridge?

Prof. ELY Mustafa

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