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Room Number 2086

Posted on 1:26 AM by ELY Mustapha

The power and libido: should we castrate our leaders?

DSK, led handcuffed by police, who could imagine that a few hours ago, yet The world woke up with that image. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund joining the club of Clinton (Monica Lewinsky case) of Berlusconi (Ruby case ) and other historical leaders (see here) etc.. etc.  Libido, always libido ... as one commentator wrote under an article on DSK (see here): "Like what we may be 62 years, Porsche, Rolex and miss her life!!!". Cynical isn’t it?

The question is: Does libido take a specific form with the power?  Does it make powerful persons addictive?  If so, then we have plenty to discover in the lap of power.  First we’ll try to understand why the detention of power has effects on libido.

The connection between the two subjects, power and sexual desire, will necessarily involve the subject of this libido - if not its object, the female gender.  And as the excess of libido has hitherto been exhibited by men in power over women, so there is a strong correlation between the "power" and "woman". (This reasoning can also be taken in reverse, but the scandals currently relate only to men in power, men do not report their rapes by women in power, who knows why?)

What might be the correlation between "Power" and "Woman"? Why a man who conquers the power, finally tries to conquer all women? Do power and the woman are similar ... in the eyes of man.
The man who participated in the conquest of power would it have the same configuration as that mental part in the conquest of the Woman? Given the recent behavior of potentates, the question arises. More power and therefore more women?

Compare: The power is won (by consent or by force), the woman is conquered (by consent, force is a crime), power seduces the wife. The power gives the man complacency when he conquers the woman too.
The conquest of power might then exacerbate the relation that the man may have with woman. Mental structure of the individual holder of power then reverted to an "object" of his desire that he wants to conquer in the same terms as power. Since this "object” of desire presents itself to him in the same features as the power: conquest, seduction, self-satisfaction.

In fact if we look closely, whoever conquers the power trying to prove something to others ("I'll guide you, since I'm the best of you") and conquering the woman he seeks to prove somrthing  to himself ("I'm above you, so I seduced whom I want").

The conquest of power is a collective seduction; conquest of women is an individual seductive. But it is always the same mechanical mental  to dominate others. Individually or collectively.
As its said , Power corrupts. And power is a perpetual conquest. Historically, the expansion of empires, of colonialism and today the expansion of multinational corporations, and powerful countries, the growth of cartels, are merely an expression of perpetual conquest of those who hold power.
The "caliphs" today (the powerful of this world) and the caliphs of old,  share the same mental structure, the harem is the expression of the least revealed, in the West, and more veiled in the East. The difference is that the caliphs of old had harems recognized  while  the caliphs of today does not have a legal right to maintain a harem.  And that is their misery. However,  Caliphs todays still want to make their secretarial their harem.
So if all those who have conquered the power do not go to the conquest of the female gender, it's either because they have hidden their games (e. g. Mitterrand), or the conquest of “female” will continue to develop only among those who are mentally predisposed. They assimilate “female “conquest to the conquest of power.
It therefore seems appropriate to propose an amendment to modern constitutions (and the statutes of international organizations, including the Bretton Woods) to castrate any holder of power who would appear syndromes of "Room 2806".

The only thing to fear is that we run out of leaders for our country. But is this a real problem, given what happens to them?  Institutions overthrown, constitutions raped and peoples abused. Long ago, the power has joined the libido.

Prof. ELY Mustafa

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Let them f***k, as they do for the rest of poor.
Funny article.Let's sharing.

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