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A day of a Terrorist

Posted on 5:07 AM by ELY Mustapha

Are you ready to take what belongs to you, with God’s help?” 

Early Morning when he got out of the seeming difficulty of cloth he used as a mattress on the floor of the hut sheet which was to shelter him, his two younger brother and sister and their mother, he had still aches from yesterday, and the unspeakable bitterness haunted him mouth. He averted his eyes automatically members of his family huddled against each other to escape the cold. They occupied, transistors, small mat on the corner patched the least exposed to the wind that shook the house.
He got up as usual to the first call of the muezzin. Dawn was breaking and already he began to curse his miserable condition and the thought that kept him awake well into the night. The little puny arm protruding from the cover skin covering his family, however, attracted his attention … He gently took him back under the blanket and felt, all of a sudden, a rebellion deaf go to his throat. -How can he bear the misery of her own? How, throughout his sleepless night, he rehashed what he had told his little brother, “Big Brother, I’m hungry, I want something to eat … I eat a little bread this morning and you’re long gone and you brought us nothing .. “.
He had promised to get out of rations. But the tears came to my eyes the little brother did not escape. He knew, indeed, that it appeared to return empty-handed still when he had fallen asleep.
That evening, he had emerged but had taken the path of the mosque. It was for him, in poverty, a refuge where, on an empty stomach, he began to meditate and to implore the blessings of God.
That evening, he met a newcomer, a new character he did not know one of the regulars at the mosque. He greeted upon entering the mosque, as it should, these then sat in a corner and waited for the Imam arrives to begin the evening prayer.
Its appearance, like that of all the regulars the mosque of the very poor neighborhood thrown into the outskirts of the city, was to see his condition. Clothes threadbare and patched sandals thousand times.
He felt that someone was looking, he turned and saw the newcomer who was staring intently and invited him to join him on the large prayer rug he had made. He joined not without some misgivings. Newcomers were rare, as was also everything in this mosque. As far as he can remember, the object was most recently the timing of the fasting month of Ramadan in the year 1420 of the Hegira, which was graciously sent by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and now dangling in yellow wall in defiance such as large patches of loose paint, gravitation.
He greeted the person who invited him and sat next to him. A silence which was soon interrupted by his host. “Thank you for joining him there, I’m new here and I do not know anyone yet and I see at your local knowledge, you’re a regular at the mosque.” He did not understand how it could be useful to him and inquired about it.
The character kept him in something like this: “my brother, I want to know people of faith who are supportive to change that society. We are victims of this society of corruption and we must take what is ours, with the help of God. ”
The words of this “preacher” unexpected rang in his ears like a gong. An alarm that goes off.
How did he explain that? He was buried as an aspiration which has been revealed by the words of this stranger. He was not used to this kind of talk, but rather than any act of resignation when we were doing had to undergo his punishment in the hereafter. In this world, all wrongdoers will be punished by God when the time comes. Seek revenge by itself is disbelief and exposes the worst of divine sanctions. That’s what he always taught. And yet, he had heard that the law of retaliation in Islam … There were pricked curiosity and engage in dialogue: 

– Dear preacher “what belongs to us” and that does not belong to God? And he who touches what is God’s will suffer the wrath in the hereafter. We humans, we have nothing. 

– Brother, everything belongs to God, that’s right, including ourselves. However, we are the guardians in this world. And we must ensure its preservation and its just distribution. We need to account before God. But what do we notice? Unbelievers make what they want while true Muslims like you are deprived of what is yours. 

– But God will punish them … 

– sure, and his punishment will have no equal, but not exclusive of the punishment of men. Has not God in his 
Holy Quran lays down the rules and punishment of wrongdoers and criminals 

– So he therefore left to men the power to make their own justice. And so each of us must do justice, because each of us is a member of the unwavering foundation of Muslim society. 

– Each of us must do justice? But this is the case of the State … 

– You see what the state has become. A place where corruption, theft of your property is not even punished. This means that the state is powerless and with you, if you do not respond and do not take what is yours with God’s help. 

you do not take what belongs to you with the help of God “, this phrase still echoes in his brain … He did not understand it too well, but it was like a response to something that the tap for a long time and was a deep carpet dan be poor. And all of a sudden the image of his little brother’s face wet with tears that tries to sleep tormented by hunger came to his mind: 

– But I, he said, I have nothing. My father left our home suddenly, leaving three children, including myself, on the arms of my poor mother, who struggled to feed us … I have nothing. 

– If, my brother, you have everything, but they all took thee … 

– Who “they” 

– Look around you, they are everywhere. And you see them every day. But he does not see you … 

– They do not see me? Why is it 

– you do not exist for them. 

It included more wrong. What wants to say this “preacher”? He would get up, when it held him by the sleeve and asked him to sit down. 

– God did not say “true believers are those whose hearts tremble when Allah is mentioned. And when His verses are recited to them, this increased their faith. And they put their trust in their Lord. “

– Although he said it … 

– So I saw in your eyes the light of the true believer. You are sensitive to what happens to you, but you want to respond that you can not do. 

– How do you know 

– Your plight shows that you would change it. And you can do for you are a godly man … Has not God said, “Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day do not ask you permission when it comes to fighting with their goods and persons . And Allah knows the righteous. “

– I have no property and my person is completely dedicated to the pursuit of sustenance for my family. And besides that my person would be in what you say we must fight and that is beyond belief 

– Everyone can fight at his level and by yourself … 

– If I devote myself to this struggle that will take care of my family 

– God will provide as it has not created a creature without the means to assure him his food …. 

– While my friend, but for my family, it is through me that assure … 

– And if you disappeared, which would you believe will provide for the sustenance of your family 

– I can not say but God is omniscient. He is the only one who knows the future. 

– Each of us has a mission on earth and no one can say when it begins and when it finishes … Are you ready to finish it out 

– I do not understand … 

– Are you ready to provide your family everything they want in exchange for your loss 

– Be more clear please. 

– Are you ready to take what is yours, with the help of God 

– But I ask for nothing. If not to support my family. 

– A sacrifice yourself for her? 

– Certainly. 

– We offer you to become a martyr to sacrifice yourself for a good cause … 

– sacrifice for the good cause 

– Yes, jihad, the struggle for triumph and glory of God. 

– Who will take care of my family 

– Do not worry, in exchange we offer the means to support your whole family for life … 

– Who 

– We are a group of dedicated people to Jihad. We are looking for eternal peace in heaven offering our lives for the glory of God. Are you ready to join us 

He was silent a moment before answering, as if he perceived more clearly what it wanted “preacher” … 

– I’ll think about. He said. And he rose. 

His host did not detain him. And he left the mosque. He had not taken a few steps outside he remembered that he had to provide for his family dinner. He hurried on to the mug of the butcher, hoping to find to beg some portions of meat and add to its slate, which he knew well, a long time, the amount. But the butcher was not meeting. “Butcher closed because of economic crime,” he could read on the front … 

It was not alone in misery. But neither the grocer nor the fish were unwilling to listen to reason against his complaints of credit. He had already harassed as he knew in advance the infinitesimal chance to soften towards him. Only one way, affected by his fate gave him a ticket with which he bought a small bottle of milk. So with empty pockets and hands clutching the bottle of milk, he was returning to the barracks that housed his poor family. As usual, all were asleep. Only her little brother was waiting for the wild-eyed, shivering with cold. He was so hungry that spasms shook all his limbs … he took him in her arms, covered it with a skirt of his robe worn and made her drink in small sips, the contents of the bottle of milk. It rocked him to sleep, then he placed under the cover of skin that covered already in a corner the rest of his family.
this gesture did not end a sentence sounds all at once in his ears: “Are you ready to take what belongs to you, with God’s help?”. Sudden words that emerged from his unconscious … he kept the head in his hands and rushed out of the house … 

Twenty-five years of misery contained buried in his unconscious arose and took by storm the ramparts of his last conscious fatalistic. 

Yes “fatalistic,” he was. Every unfortunate event happened to him met him as a Stoic who found reward in the hereafter. So why complain or defend themselves? God will punish them all. Eternal punishment that many console from that of a short life. Yet the punishment in the hereafter will she end suffering on earth? And why those who are so wrong for him and so much misery do they not also suffer the penalty of men in this world
“Are you ready to take what belongs to you, with God’s help?”. It’s still the sentence that left him when, having been run late in the area by gnawing at the bit he returned to bed at the back of his hut. 

Early morning when he left his miserable lodging, the preacher was waiting outside the door. He begged him to enter, but he would not. He knew what he wanted: “Are you ready to take what belongs to you, with God’s help?”. He nodded. The “preacher” then handed her a package that went down near to his family slept. And followed by a light character. 

When awakened by the first rays of the sun filtered stinging from the roof of the house, the mother of the little family unpacked the curious package landed at her feet, she found money. “Where could it well come, she told herself. I will ask my son when he returns from the mosque. “

The mother waited all day. All evening. … Everyday life. His eldest never came back.
No one ever knew the truth about the disappearance of the eldest son of this poor family still lives in slums. No one but a preacher who came one evening in a mosque where he met a left-for-a corrupt society which was still in spite of his misery, someone who believed that his sacrifice could change things ….

And every night the little brother’s arm slid out of the narrow blanket that covered the small family, and he had no one to bring it back.

“Are you ready to take what belongs to you, with God’s help?”. 

Pr ELY Mustapha

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